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September 2014 Archives

Can You Still File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit if You Signed a Consent Form?

Informed consent is an idea that has been present in medicine since the fourteenth century. It simply means that before a patient has anything done to their body by anyone else, they should have a thorough understanding of the procedure, the risks and benefits and all possible outcomes.

Can My Employer Reduce Hours to Avoid Paying for Healthcare?

When the Affordable Care Act first became law, stories hit the news of employers cutting hours to reduce their responsibility for healthcare. There was so much talk of it, that Congress actually considered amending the law to make the threshold for full-time work 40 hours instead of 30, but didn't. Can employers really do this, and is it legal?

Avoid Becoming a NYC Bicycle Accident Statistic

The New York City 2013 Bicycle Accident Statistics provide information about accidents between bicycles and cars, bicycles and pedestrians and accidents that only involve bicycles. Although the number of injuries and fatalities has decreased compared to 2012, the totals are still alarming. In accidents with motor vehicles, there were 3884 injuries and 12 fatalities. Three hundred and sixteen pedestrians were injured compared with 26 bicyclists when an accident occurred between the two. One fatality occurred for a pedestrian in this situation. Accidents that just involved bicycles resulted in 359 injuries and 1 fatality. Here are some tips to avoid becoming a NYC bicycle accident statistic:

Can My Employer Cut Health Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act?

With the new and state-run healthcare exchanges up and running, many people are worried that their employers will get rid of health coverage as a part of employment benefits. Rising healthcare costs in recent years led to employers cutting back on coverage and benefits well before the Affordable Care Act.

Four Signs Your Employer May Settle

If you've been involved in a lawsuit against your employer, your top concern is getting things sorted out as soon as possible so that things can get back to normal. One way to make that happen as quickly as possible is for both parties to meet halfway and agree to settle your case. But how do you know if your employer is likely to settle?

New York Workers' Compensation Benefits

If you're a New York State resident who's been injured on a construction job, you probably qualify for New York Workers' Compensation benefits. Your employer's insurance carrier will set up a claim to pay medical expenses and lost wages. If your injury caused a permanent condition, you might also qualify for disability payments based the Workers' Compensation Board Schedule of Benefits. If you receive these payments, you may wonder why you would need a legal professional to represent you?