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Avoid Becoming a NYC Bicycle Accident Statistic

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2014 | Personal Injury

The New York City 2013 Bicycle Accident Statistics provide information about accidents between bicycles and cars, bicycles and pedestrians and accidents that only involve bicycles. Although the number of injuries and fatalities has decreased compared to 2012, the totals are still alarming. In accidents with motor vehicles, there were 3884 injuries and 12 fatalities. Three hundred and sixteen pedestrians were injured compared with 26 bicyclists when an accident occurred between the two. One fatality occurred for a pedestrian in this situation. Accidents that just involved bicycles resulted in 359 injuries and 1 fatality. Here are some tips to avoid becoming a NYC bicycle accident statistic:

Stay Alert: Even if you are riding on a familiar route, it is important to stay alert. Vehicles, pedestrians and other bicyclists will be different each time you ride. In addition you may encounter a new pothole or road debris. Don’t ride if you are fatigued since that will negatively impact stability.

Avoiding Obstacles: If you are unable to go around it, attempt to lift your front wheel over it. Keep your weight back. When approaching a turn, look ahead as far as you can to identify any obstacles. Make sure you don’t drift during your turn.

Wet Roads: If possible, avoid riding on wet roads. If you are riding in the rain, don’t apply the brakes during the turn. Instead, brake in the straightaway before you start initiating the turn. In addition, letting some air out of your tires will increase the amount of rubber on the road which provides additional stability. Consider doing this if you know you will be riding on a wet road.

Reduce Likelihood of Injury: If you are about to hit something, like a garbage can, and have no way to avoid it attempt to hit it with your hip first since that is the closest to your center of gravity. Attempt to level your pedals and flex your knees and elbows so you can better absorb any impact.

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