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Do I Need an Attorney if I only Have Minor Injuries?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2014 | Medical Malpractice


Some people feel silly or dramatic or like they are taking advantage of the system if they talk to an attorney following a minor accident. But the fact is, if the accident was not your fault and the injury is going to cost you money, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with talking to an attorney. Here are four reasons you should speak with an attorney after a minor injury.

  1. In many cases, it’s free to consult with an attorney regarding your case, and many personal injury cases are on contingency fee basis. It doesn’t cost you anything out of pocket to talk to an attorney, but it could costs you thousands in medical bills, lost wages, and money you could be using to get well if you don’t talk to one.
  2. Some injuries don’t stay minor. Some major injuries start out small. If you accept a settlement before you know the full extent of your injury, you could miss out on money you will need for medications, treatment or therapy later.
  3. You may not know if the insurance company is giving you a good offer. If your settlement doesn’t include pain and suffering, you are not getting the full extent of what you may recover if your case went to court-that makes it an incomplete offer.
  4. The other party may not take you seriously until you get a lawyer. Having representation means you are prepared and informed. That makes the other party sit up and take notice.

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