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We Stand Up For Victims Of Sexual Harassment

Have you been subjected to sexual harassment at work? At Bouchillon Crossan & Colburn, attorney Amy Crossan and our legal team are committed to protecting the rights of those who have suffered due to sexual advances, crude jokes, touching and other illegal and despicable behavior.

There is no need for you to tolerate a work environment that is hostile and fills your life with despair. You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, especially by coworkers and management. Don’t let them get away with repulsive conduct that is illegal and makes you feel like less of a person than you are.

We Can Help You Reclaim Your Dignity And Respect

At Bouchillon Crossan & Colburn, we have extensive experience representing clients with sexual harassment claims in Huntington and throughout West Virginia. Our attorneys have handled a broad range of harassment claims, including complex cases involving sexual harassment against female law enforcement officers and multi-plaintiff claims.

Harassment can take the form of physical contact, visual images, email transmissions, general derogatory statements or unwanted romantic overtures. Responsible parties can include coworkers, supervisors and the company itself.

And although women are most commonly targeted, men can be victims of sexual harassment as well. Amy Crossan and the legal team at Bouchillon Crossan & Colburn advocate for everyone’s right to work in a professional environment free from harassment.

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Talk To An Experienced Lawyer Who Can Protect Your Rights

We understand it can be daunting to speak up and assert your rights, especially when you work for a large corporation and rely on your paycheck. Rest assured, you can meet with employment law attorney Amy Crossan to discuss your case in a free and confidential consultation.

You don’t have to make any important decisions before you are ready. We can provide you with the guidance you need to make the right decisions at this critical time. Contact our law offices online or by telephone at 304-521-4636 to learn more.