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Do I Still Need a Personal Injury Attorney If I Want to Settle?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2014 | Personal Injury

All personal injury cases do not have to end in a lawsuit in order for a victim to be compensated. In fact, a majority of personal injury cases end in settlements, not trials.

When you file a claim in a personal injury case, the other party has three choices: they can pay out your claim, negotiate with you, or they can deny it and wait for a lawsuit to be filed. Only when the other party refuses to pay or negotiate will a personal injury case go to trial.

There are several reasons you may not want to go to trial. If your injury is minor and is not expected to get any worse, the settlement amount may be enough to compensate you, and you may not want to spend additional fees to go to court. Or, if you have a more extensive injury and you’re already receiving the maximum amount available through an insurance policy and there is nothing you can collect from the defendant, a larger verdict at trial won’t help.

However, just because you want to settle doesn’t mean you don’t need an attorney. An attorney can help you in cases where seemingly minor injuries could cause big problems down the road. Or, if you need help reaching an agreement with an insurance company or another party, an attorney can be helpful in taking the pressure off and helping you reach a decision that’s in your own best interests.

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