Effective Solutions For Your Business

At Bouchillon, Crossan & Colburn, L.C., we help businesses manage legal matters in a knowledgeable and effective manner. Our attorneys know how to get results and protect the best interests of your organization, whether it is a small business or a startup corporation.

Our goal is to provide you comprehensive legal representation that allows you to focus on running your business while confidently entrusting your legal matters to us. Our law firm has years of proven experience behind us, and we are adamant about providing clients with first-rate, personalized and creative legal solutions.

Should you end up in a business legal dispute and you need assistance, you can feel secure knowing that your rights are protected and your best interests are being advocated by Bouchillon, Crossan & Colburn, L.C. We serve businesses of all sizes in Huntington and throughout the surrounding areas in West Virginia.

Convenient, Comprehensive And Cost-Effective

Our attorneys can provide you with full-service assistance with getting your business idea off the ground. From offering seasoned counsel on charting a course for the future of your business to handling the cumbersome and often confusing paperwork, our firm provides a comprehensive package that can get your startup moving quickly and affordably. Our services include:

  • Articles of organization
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Contract review
  • Limited liability companies
  • Operating agreements
  • Partnership/limited partnerships
  • Professional corporations
  • Succession planning

Bouchillon, Crossan & Colburn, L.C., provides cost-effective, high-quality representation. Our lawyers have years of experience in the field of business and commercial law. We offer a commitment to integrity and professionalism. If you need help with a business law matter, call our firm at 304-521-4636 or use our email form and contact us today.