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May 2015 Archives

Are Medical Bills Included in a Bodily Injury Claim?

When you make a claim in regards to an accent or injury, there are a few different kinds of awards you can receive. The amounts vary based on a few different factors in your accident, including the amount of your medical bills, the severity of your injury, and the portion of the blame that lies 

Deadly Bus Crash Accident

This morning, a school bus and a garbage truck had a fatal crash shortly after 8 am on route 211 in the Hudson Valley town of Wallkill. The school bus had just left the Harmony Christian school after dropping off all the children on board for the day. The bus driver, Raymond Lucca was declared dead at the scene by police. Caesar Leon-Sanchez, the truck driver, was flown to Westchester Medical Center for serious injuries, but undisclosed injuries.

What is an "Exempt" Employee?

Most job offers begin with the discussion of pay, either hourly or salaried. Have you ever had an employer tell you that because you are paid a salary-that is, a set amount each week or month, even if your actual hours vary-that they don't have to pay you overtime? That may not be true if