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Are Medical Bills Included in a Bodily Injury Claim?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2015 | Personal Injury

When you make a claim in regards to an accent or injury, there are a few different kinds of awards you can receive. The amounts vary based on a few different factors in your accident, including the amount of your medical bills, the severity of your injury, and the portion of the blame that lies 

on you for the accident.

“Compensatory damages” is the legal term for the monetary award given to the victim of an accident. This could be as the result of a slip and fall accident, a motor vehicle accident, or an injury at work. Within compensatory damages, there are two more categories: special and general damages.

Special damages are directly related to money you have lost in trying to recover from your personal injury. These damages are designed to try to make you whole again. There are four categories of special damages:

  1. Lost Income. This is any income you lost due to your injury, beginning from the day you were injured. It not only covers income, but any earnings that will be lost in the future as well.
  2. Out-of-Pocket Expenses. This includes any and all expenses related to your injury-medical supplies, prescriptions, a rental car, modifications to your home to make it accessible for you-anything you have had to purchase as a direct result of your accident.
  3. Property Damages. You can be reimbursed for anything you lost as a result of your accident, including personal property, a vehicle, costs of car repairs, or anything that was in your car that was damaged or destroyed.
  4. Medical Bills. Your medical treatment, starting from the day of your accident and continuing through to your fullest possible recovery, is covered. Every doctor, every procedure, every copay, every deductible. Any and all bills related to your treatment and recovery need to be documented and accounted for.

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