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Do Your Social Media Accounts Belong to You or Your Employer?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2015 | Employment Law

A recent court battle has drawn lines in the sand over social media accounts and who owns them, especially in cases where the account is a professional one, such as a Facebook Business Page, a LinkedIn account, or other promotional tool.

One of the valuable aspects of LinkedIn is its networking feature, which connects you to

contacts of family, friends, acquaintances and coworkers. That network was at the heart of Eagle V. Morgan. A company that had employed Dr. Eagle was acquired by another company, who then replaced then CEO Eagle with someone new. However, the company retained control of Dr. Eagle’s LinkedIn profile, changing the name and photo of the CEO, but continuing to utilize Dr. Eagle’s awards, honors, recommendations and connections as company property.

Another case, this one in California, involved a popular mobile phone site and it’s Twitter accountwith more than 17,000 followers and the employee who created and maintained the account. The company asserted the Twitter followers amounted to a customer list and attempted to sue for $2.50 per month per customer-that’s $350,000 in damages. Without clear guidelines and company policies regarding the use and ownership of social media accounts, the lawsuits will likely continue.

Currently, whether or not a social media account belongs to you or not may end up being decided by the courts unless your company has a clear policy regarding what constitutes a company account or not.

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