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January 2014 Archives

How Does Worker's Compensation Affect Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Your Employer?

Worker's compensation is insurance purchased by a company to cover its employees in the event that the employee is injured at work. Worker's compensation allows an employee injured at work to get paid no matter who was at fault. This is great for employers because it makes it harder for an employee to sue. But, even with worker's compensation, an employee might be able to sue the employer for damages.

When is an Employee an Independent Contractor?

Some employees may think that as long as both parties agree, the worker's status can be categorized as an independent contractor. However, that is not enough to establish their relationship under federal and state laws as an independent contractor. This is an incorrect assumption that is made fairly regularly. The IRS and the United States Department of Labor have certain criteria that they look at when determining whether someone is an independent contractor.

At-will Employment

The majority of states recognize at-will employment. Because of this, it is important to know what it means to be an at-will employee. At-will employees should also know what rights they have and understand what an at-will agreement is.