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April 2016 Archives

The Most Common Reasons People Don't Pursue Medical Malpractice Claims

Have you ever heard someone describe a horrible medical situation and wondered, "Why didn't they sue?" From negligence to defective medical devices to adverse side effects from medication, so much can go wrong if a doctor isn't giving you their full attention or isn't listening to your concerns. So why isn't it more common for 

Who's at Fault in a World of Self-driving Cars?

When driverless cars crash, who's at fault? The automobile maker? The software designer? The parts maker? The maps maker? Right now, it's anyone's guess. Attorneys speculate that, at first, anyone involved with the production of the car will be fair game until a court says otherwise. That means programmers, computer companies, software manufacturers, mapping companies, 

Five Mistakes People Make Handling their own Personal Injury Claim

There are many reasons why someone may try to settle their own insurance claim. They may think it's a pretty straightforward case, or they may have no idea that they can and should negotiate with their insurance company. They may believe they will save money by not hiring an attorney, or think they can't afford 

What Can I do if my Insurance Totals my New Car?

When you hear the phrase, "My car was totaled in an accident," it may bring to mind a car that's damaged beyond repair or not drivable. But in reality, the definition of "totaled" can vary widely based on the age of the car, the worth of the car, and where and how bad the damage is. An older car involved in a fender-bender where the expensive air-bag system is deployed can be a total loss, and so can a new car that's been rolled.

What is a Subrogation Action?

Perhaps you heard of subrogation in an injury case, and never asked what it meant. Or maybe you've never heard the term at all. Either way, if you've ever filed an injury claim or sued a third party for your injuries, subrogation is a part of the law that has benefitted you personally.