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April 2014 Archives

Water Contamination Injuries and the Freedom Industries Chemical Spill

The water contamination accident in West Virginia's Elk River left hundreds of thousands of residents scared, without water and with no information. No data existed on the chemical MCHM or it's toxicity to humans. Many people were told the water was safe to drink, only to experience detrimental effects from consuming it or even just being in the same room with fumes.

Three Ways People Got Fired for Using Social Media

You have to be smart when using social media. Before you comment on something related to work, your employer, or a situation involving work, you'd better be ready to answer for it. While a recent report by the National Labor Relations Board warned against employers creating overly broad social media policies, no one is quite sure where that line in the sand is when it comes to posting and venting online.

Can You Get Fired for Venting about Your Job on Facebook?

A blog-related firing is practically worthy of your resume these days, depending on your line of work. But for those who would prefer to keep their jobs, a new report by the National Labor Relations Board has shed light on when to take recourse after such a firing, even if you aren't a part of a union.

New Bill Would Make FMLA Paid Leave

The Family Medical Leave Act has helped millions of Americans since 1993 by providing job protection when you need time off for a serious medical condition or pregnancy, or you need to care for an immediate family member with a serious medical condition.

What does FMLA Guarantee You?

If you're pregnant, planning on getting pregnant, caring for an immediate family member who is sick, or have a short-term disability or illness, you may be wondering how FMLA, or the Family Medical leave Act, can benefit you.