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Pregnancy Discrimination Attorney In West Virginia

All employees deserve to be treated fairly and equally in any industry. One of the fundamental rights that American employees have is freedom from discrimination and harassment. One key area to consider is pregnancy discrimination. This should never happen to women who are pregnant or even those who may become pregnant in the future, but the unfortunate reality is that it happens quite often.

Here at Bouchillon Crossan & Colburn, L.C., we take your case very seriously. Pregnancy discrimination attorney Amy Crossan and our legal team are understanding and sensitive to these issues, and we know exactly how frustrating it can be. We use our experience and intricate knowledge of the law to help you explore all of your options if you’re facing pregnancy discrimination in West Virginia.

If you’re interested in getting this process started, you should know that we offer a completely free and confidential consultation to help you learn more.

What Are Examples Of Pregnancy Discrimination?

Pregnancy discrimination could take many forms. Some examples include:

  • A hiring manager refuses to hire someone who is pregnant or who may become pregnant because they do not believe the employee will be dedicated
  • A pregnant worker loses her job, either immediately upon disclosing the pregnancy or while she is out on maternity leave, because the employer don’t want the inconvenience
  • A pregnant worker is rejected for promotions and movement within the business hierarchy
  • A pregnant worker gets a reduction in pay or hours as the pregnancy becomes visible
  • A pregnant worker is refused reasonable accommodations for the pregnancy
  • A pregnant worker is demoted or experiences unwanted changes in duties or responsibility levels
  • A pregnant worker is passed over for promotions (“mommy-tracked”)

These are just a few examples that our experienced discrimination lawyers have seen over the years, and we help our clients both put and end to the discrimination and seek potential compensation.

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