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Taking A Stand Against Gender Discrimination In West Virginia

Gender discrimination is often seen as a thing of the past — but unfortunately, it is still a reality for many American workers today. Although great strides have been taken on behalf of mistreated employees, discriminatory practices based on gender are alive and well in workplaces in West Virginia and throughout the U.S.

Bouchillon Crossan & Colburn, L.C., is a passionate advocate for those who have been discriminated against and mistreated at work because of their gender. We provide experienced employment law services to employees in Huntington and throughout West Virginia.

Has Gender Discrimination Affected You?

We can help you if you have faced any of the following and you suspect it is because of your gender:

  • Been passed over for employment
  • Wrongfully terminated
  • Demoted
  • Given undesirable work assignments
  • Cutting of hours or wages
  • Ridicule, crude jokes and sexual advances
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Denial of maternity leave and pregnancy-related accommodations

Employers can make employment decisions for many reasons, but if they make a decision based on an employee’s gender, they are breaking the law.

At our law firm, you will work with Amy Crossan, an employment law attorney with a long and successful history of standing up for the rights of victims of gender discrimination and sexual harassment. Women are most often the victims of sex discrimination, but the law applies equally to men. Female or male, if your rights have been violated, we are here for you.

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It takes courage to stand up to your employer. We understand what is at stake for you and are here to fight for your rights throughout the process. You can contact us for your free and confidential consultation by calling 304-521-4636 or sending us an email.