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Retaliatory Discharge Stemming From A Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you were injured on the job and collected workers’ compensation, you deserve those benefits and cannot legally be punished for taking advantage of them. Unfortunately, not all employers follow the law and some even retaliate against employees who have received workers’ compensation benefits.

If you are an employee and have been fired, demoted or otherwise punished for taking workers’ compensation, you have rights and the attorneys at Bouchillon Crossan & Colburn, L.C., are here to protect them. We provide knowledgeable employment law services to employees in Huntington and throughout West Virginia.

Uncovering The Truth In Retaliatory Discharge Cases

No employer is going to be completely straightforward and say, “You’re fired because you filed for workers’ compensation.” If only it were that easy to identify workers’ comp retaliatory discharge!

Typically, the employer will attempt to be more subtle in executing the termination. Perhaps you were fired because you violated some unheard-of rule that was never enforced before. Or maybe your performance review was suddenly very poor, despite the fact that you were delivering the same level of quality work as before.

They may give many reasons for terminating your employment. The one they will not say out loud or on paper, however, is that you were let go because you got injured and took advantage of the laws that are in place to protect you.

Our attorneys are skilled at pinpointing these tactics and uncovering the true intentions of employers who conduct unlawful employment practices. If you were wrongfully terminated for filing for or receiving workers’ compensation benefits, our lawyers will aggressively stand up for your rights.

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