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Defending your future against white collar criminal accusations

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2023 | Criminal Defense

When charged with a crime, you know your future is at stake. In addition to the possibility of time behind bars, you could be facing a range of penalties that include expensive fines, probation and more. Typically, the more serious the offense, the steeper the potential penalties may be. It may be tempting to dismiss the severity of what you are up against, especially if your alleged criminal activities lacked an element of violence.

White-collar crimes are criminal offenses that are typically financially motivated, and they can include a range of activities that include fraud, embezzlement and more. As these are federal offenses, the penalties you could be facing are quite steep, even if it appears to be a crime that did not cause physical harm to anyone. You will benefit from taking your situation seriously and learning more about the defense options available to you.

Examples of white-collar crime

Financially motivated criminal activity is white-collar crime, typically taking place in commercial or business fields. These acts use deceit to obtain access to funds, sensitive information or other things necessary for ill-gotten financial gain. White-collar crime can come in many different forms, but some of the most common include:

  • Embezzlement — This occurs when someone who owes a fiduciary duty to someone else, such as a financial advisor, takes those funds for personal use.
  • Tax evasion — This is failure to pay what one owes in taxes through avoidance, using false information on tax returns, or concealment of property or assets.
  • Securities fraud — This is insider trading, and it occurs when someone with access to confidential information, such as the CEO of a company, makes investment decisions or stock trades based on that information.

Even the accusation of white-collar crime can do damage to your personal reputation in West Virginia, career and other areas of your life. You may take steps to protect yourself and develop a defense strategy even if there are no formal charges against you.

Defending your future

There could be a lot at stake for you when facing white-collar criminal charges. If you are under investigation, could be implicated in a crime or already facing charges, you have the right to defend your interests, preserve your reputation, and possibly avoid or mitigate any penalties associated with a white-collar criminal conviction. An assessment of your case will reveal the specific defense options you have.