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Are you being unfairly treated because of your faith?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Discrimination, Employee Rights

You would think that in our enlightened times, religious tolerance would be the norm in just about every kind of business.

Unfortunately, discrimination exists, and you may have found that you are a target because of your faith.

A changing job description

You believed that one of the reasons your current company hired you was your helpful, pleasant personality and ability to interact well with the public. Everything went beautifully for the first few months of your employment, but then new management came in. Your supervisor moved you to a back-office position where you no longer had any contact with the public. In fact, you rarely see any other employees except for the bookkeeper to whom you now report. You did not ask for this reassignment; you were happy where you were, and you suspect that religious discrimination motivated the decision.

Attire objections

You believe the supervisor made the reassignment because you are a Muslim and wear a headscarf. You have heard rumors that management does not feel this is a good “look” for an employee who greets the public. Title VII prohibits job segregation based on religion, and this includes discrimination involving religious wearing apparel such as a Jewish yarmulke or a Muslim headscarf.

Reasonable accommodation

By law, unless it poses an “undue hardship” on the operation of the business, compromises safety or the rights of other employees, your employer must reasonably accommodate your religious beliefs and practices. This may mean adjusting schedules or allowing you leave for religious observances. It also prohibits your employer from discriminating against you because of your headscarf or any other apparel you wear, or refuse to wear, because of your faith.

Your rights

Discrimination based on religion is unlawful. If your reassignment was due to the fact that you are a Muslim and wear a headscarf, this decision must be addressed, and your workplace rights restored.