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Mother Sues Huntington Hospital Over Death of Newborn

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2016 | Medical Malpractice

A Michigan mother is suing St. Mary’s Medical Center over the death of her newborn baby.

Tanise Jackson says she was admitted to St. Mary’s in early December for the labor and delivery of her daughter, Marvelle Mayo. During the delivery, she was given the drug Pitocin, an artificial form of the naturally occurring hormone oxytocin.

Pitocin is commonly used in vaginal deliveries, although it carries the risk of cerebral palsy or musculoskeletal injuries for the baby, and can cause uterine rupture in mothers. It causes contractions much stronger than the body would normally produce, which can put undue stress on the baby. Pitocin is used to induce labor when a mother is past dates, and is also used when a mother’s labor progress is not keeping up with the model doctors use to gauge progress. However, in many hospitals it is still common practice to begin a Pitocin drip as soon as a laboring mother is admitted.

After being given Pitocin, Jackson began to show signs of uterine rupture, and the baby showed signs of distress as well. The doctor decided to proceed with a cesarean section, but it was too late, and the baby had already suffered fatal cerebral palsy and blindness.

Jackson is seeking damages for the death of her baby, as well as interest, attorney’s fees, expenses and court costs.

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