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Couple Sues West Virginia Hospital Over Paralysis

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2016 | Medical Malpractice

A West Virigina couple is suing Wheeling Hospital, saying that the doctor’s failure to diagnose a spinal injury resulted in paralysis.

Johnny Taylor was injured while using a riding lawnmower in May of 2012. He was taken to Wheeling Hospital, where the doctors determined that he had only minor injuries from the accident. He continued to have pain and trouble moving as the result of the accident, and saw another doctor at Reynolds Hospital. That doctor also determined that the injuries weren’t serious, but sent him for further testing.

The additional testing uncovered an undiagnosed spinal injury resulting from the lawnmower accident. Due to the fact that the injury was left untreated for nearly a week, it resulted in complete paralysis. Mr. Taylor is a quadriplegic.

The Taylors are suing Wheeling Hospital, as well as Gail Nickerson N.P., Raina Burke M.D., First Capital Emergency Physicians PLLC, EmCare Inc., Debra Henry M.D. and Reynolds Memorial Hospital, alleging malpractice and negligence, and that if Taylor had been diagnosed immediately following his injury, he could have been treated and had a full recovery. The Taylors are asking for damages above what is normally allowed in West Virginia malpractice cases.

It is widely understood that spinal injuries are injuries that get worse when left untreated. Injuries higher on the spine also lead to more disability than low spinal cord injuries. Those with high spinal injuries generally need wheelchairs or other assistive devices to get around, and must have their home modified to continue to be able to live there without assistance.

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