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Federal Contractors Now Get Paid Sick Leave

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2016 | Employment Law

Under a new executive order signed by President Obama on September 7, federal contractors and subcontractors are now owed up to 7 days of paid sick leave annually in response to figures that suggest that up to 40 percent of the private workforce doesn’t have access to paid sick leave.

This leave can be used for illness or to help care for a family member, just like FMLA, and employees will be able to carry over unused leave from one year to the next. Employees must request sick days off seven days in advance when possible, but they don’t have to provide any health certification or proof of illness unless they are out for three days or more.

The order was written in order to increase efficiency and cost savings among government contractors. It will affect about 300,00 employees nationwide. It does not supersede local laws or collective bargaining agreements that provide a better benefits package for contractors.

There is no federal funding set aside to pay for the sick leave, but the President said that increased employee loyalty and reduced turnover would offset any hard costs of the law to business owners. Lawmakers opposed to the executive order say the new law will cause employers who can’t absorb the cost to hire fewer new workers, or lower pay, shorten hours or lay off current employees to pay for the program.

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