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December 2015 Archives

How are Rear-end Collisions Settled?

West Virginia is a fault state, meaning that the driver at fault is the one whose insurance pays in the event of a car accident. So in a rear-end collision, the driver who rear-ended someone is generally at fault. If you are receiving a settlement amount from an insurance company, how do you know if it's fair?

Can Employers Be Held Responsible for Bullying?

Many schools across the country as well as several states have enacted legislation that makes bullying in the schools a crime. However, bullying in the workplace is just as common. While several states have attempted to enact anti-workplace bullying legislation, none have been successful. So what does this mean for employees, and who can be held accountable if you end up the victim of workplace bullying?

Do I Have a Case for Harassment?

Harassment in the workplace is frustrating, takes up time and energy that could be better spent on your work, and causes unnecessary stress and anxiety. The key to a successful case is reporting everything to your HR department, keeping detailed records of the incidents, and being forthright with your employer. If you hide things or hold back evidence from your employer, you could lose your case.

Is it Legal for Your Employer to Have a Weight Requirement?

A New Jersey casino is in court after 22 employees sued over the personal appearance standards required by their position with the company, including a requirement that only allowed a 7-percent weight gain. The employees alleged that the appearance requirements were discriminatory based on gender and gender roles.

Your Options in an Abusive Workplace

Employers can be a lot like boyfriends or girlfriends. Sometimes you get it right from the start, and sometimes you get it all wrong and don't realize it until too late. So what can you do when you end up working somewhere that's a hostile or abusive workplace? The answer depends on if the problem is with the corporate culture or with one person, and how large your employer is.

The 4 Most Common Construction Injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has labeled the four most common construction accidents the "fatal four." If these causes of injury were eliminated, over 500 American workers' lives could be saved every year. Once you know these causes of these accidents, you can help prevent them and keep your workplace safer.

Liability in Self-Driving Cars

Today, many cars can self-park in parallel parking spots and other tricky situations. Many cars also have motion sensors and can begin stopping for you if you don't detect a hazard in time. By 2016, General Motors plans to have super-cruise enabled cars with hands-free automated driving on the road. Toyota and Volvo will be offering the same by 2017. Google began production of vehicles without a role for a driver in 2014. The vehicles are summoned by smartphone and go less than 25 miles per hour.