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What Happens if I am in an Accident While Traveling Out of State?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2015 | Personal Injury

When you are in a different state, your car insurance becomes a huge asset. That’s because your insurance will generally conform the laws of the state where you are driving.

So, if you drive from a fault state to a no-fault state, your car insurance will behave like no-fault insurance if you get into an accident. If your accident or personal injury limits are too low for the state where you get into an accident, your insurance will cover you in that case, too.

Of course you need to be aware of the local laws any time you drive and also be familiar with your insurance coverage amounts and limits before you ever get on the road. Also worth noting is that if you plan to stay somewhere longer than 30 days, the state you are in may no longer consider your insurance valid. To avoid this situation, change your insurance to be compliant with the state you are visiting before you leave.

Most car insurance companies have nationwide networks of adjusters, repair shops and towing companies in place so that they can help you no matter where you are. Just as in any other accident, you’ll want to get complete information from the other driver, call the police or make an accident report, and take photos or video to help support your accident claim.

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