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Shocking Freak Accident in Inwood

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2015 | Personal Injury

In a bizarre freak accident, a woman visiting from the Dominican Republic fell to her death in Inwood this past Thursday night at 8:30 pm.  The New York Post reported that the woman apparently slipped in a stairwell between the fifth and sixth floors and then flew out through a window.  Family and friends were devastated by the event that took the woman’s life, who was supposed to return home today, May 25th.

Could this freak accident have been prevented?

While it is as yet unclear if the window was open or closed, it is possible that had the building had window guards installed, it would have prevented her fatal fall.  New York City has a law on the books that states that if residents want a window guard installed to reduce the chances of a child injury, building owners must comply.  While specifically targeted at saving children, in this instance at least, it may have saved an adult’s life too.

Source: The NY Post