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Can my Employer Increase my Workload Without Giving me a Raise or a Promotion?

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2015 | Employment Law

When you accept a job, you are generally accepting it based on the terms and conditions that were described to you in the interview. If you signed a contract, these terms and conditions were most likely part of that contract. It may include your scope of work, your hours, the location where you will work, and the pay and benefits of your position.

Unless it’s specified in your contract or employment agreement, your employer can change the terms of your employment at any time. This could mean requiring overtime-as long as it’s legally compensated-changing your work load, changing your hours or your title. Since West Virginia is an at-will employment state, failure to comply with the change in terms means your employer can terminate you if they wish, and it’s completely legal to do so.

There are some instances when your employer cannot change the terms of your employment. If you have an employment contract with start and end dates, or if you are part of a union, your employment duties may not change. Your employer may also not change your duties because of any reason that constitutes discrimination. That is, if you believe your employer has given you a heavier workload due to your age, sex, race, national origin, religion, disability or another protected reason, you may have a case for discrimination.

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