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Am I Allowed to See my Personnel File?

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2014 | Employment Law

You may remember being threatened with misdeeds going on your “permanent record” when you were in grade school. The permanent record wasn’t something you ever saw, but it carried an indescribable heavy importance and the threat to your future was clear.

When you’re an employee, you no longer have a permanent record, but you do have a personnel file that has much of the same ring to it. Your employer may allude to having to put a note in your file or record certain actions in your file. But what is a personnel file, and do you have a right to see it?

A personnel file is generally the one spot where your employer keeps all information about you as an employee. This could include your hours, your pay, time off, benefits information, tax withholding, disciplinary actions, memos from management, references from other employers, and other documents.

There is no Federal law saying that employees have the right to view or copy their personnel file. Many states have specific provisions that give employees that right under certain conditions, such as staying on the premises or making copying of the file at their own expense.

In West Virginia, there are no laws stating that employees have a right to see their personnel file, but you can still ask. If your request is denied, make a formal request in writing. If that request is denied, you may need to speak with an attorney or a private investigator.

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