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How Do I Stop Text Harassment at Work?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2014 | Employment Law

Bullying in schools and workplaces has become a hot topic lately. But employers are dealing with an even harder issue to combat-textual harassment.

Textual harassment is defined as bombarding someone with texts and messages on their phone. These messages could be inappropriate, harassing, or repetitive. The problem is harder to deal with, because employers may not see it happening, and only the person being harassed can report it.

If you are being harassed via text, there are several things you can do:

  • Keep the messages-do not delete them.
  • Review the social media/texting and harassment policies in your employee contract or handbook. Follow the steps that your company has provided to deal with the problem. If your company does not have a policy on harassment that can be applied to harassing text messages, talk to someone in your Human Resources Department.
  • Report the messages to your supervisor immediately. If your supervisor is the individual engaging in the harassment, report the behavior to his or her supervisor, or go to your Human Resources department.

Even if the texts were not sent on company time or using a company cell phone, they can still fall under workplace harassment if they affect your ability to do your job, including making you uncomfortable or interfering with your work environment.

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