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Father Files Suit Following Car Accident

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2014 | Personal Injury

A Cabell man is filing a lawsuit against Pike Electric and the driver of one of its trucks after his daughter was injured in a collision.

Elsa Meade was riding with a friend on I-64 when a Pike Electric truck driver crashed into the car she was in. Meade sustained injuries to her head, neck, body and limbs in the accident. The girl’s father, Jerry Meade, is seeking damages over the limit allowed by law.

In a personal injury case, you can ask for two kinds of damages-economic and non-economic. Economic damages can be directly related to the costs of the accident, including medical care, repairs to your vehicle, lost wages, or other damages that cost you a specific dollar amount. Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, anxiety, stress, or other conditions that now exist because of the accident, but can’t be enumerated as easily as economic damages. These usually relate to lost quality of life.

No matter which kind of claim you are seeking, you will need documentation. Economic damages are easily proven with photos, videos, and damages estimates from repair professionals. Many car insurance companies now have apps that help you quickly and easily document everything so your insurance provider has all the information they need to process a claim.

If you are seeking a claim for non-economic damages, it can help to keep a diary to document how your life has changed since the accident. Every time you encounter a situation in which your life has changed because of your car accident, write it down. Try to write one entry each week until your claim is resolved. This diary can also be helpful for the health professionals you are working with during your recovery.

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