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Can I be Liable for Someone Else’s Driving?

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2014 | Personal Injury

Everyone has let another person drive his car at one point. But, not everyone knows that he could be liable for injuries that are caused by the person driving your car. Because there are times when you could be liable, it is important to understand the situation where someone could sue you for someone else’s driving.

If you let someone who is an unfit and reckless driver borrow your car, you could be liable for injuries he causes. If, for example, you let a friend borrow your car and he is speeding while texting on his cell phone and hits a pedestrian, you may be liable for the pedestrian’s injuries. But, in order to be liable, the pedestrian would need to show that you knew or should have known that the person driving your car was unfit or reckless when you gave him permission to take your car.

You could also be liable for your child’s negligent driving. Again, this can happen if your child is an unfit and reckless driver and you know about it.

Another time you can be liable is if you let someone who you know is intoxicated borrow your car. This is because you owe a duty to other drivers to make sure that whoever is driving your car is capable of doing it safely. When you let an intoxicate person borrow your car, you should know that you are placing other drivers on the road in danger. This will make it more likely that you are liable for damages.

It is important to understand that these are not the only situations where you can be liable for someone else’s driving. Other situations where you can be liable for someone else’s driving include letting an unlicensed driver borrow your car or letting someone with a medical condition which affects their ability to drive borrow your car.

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