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Five Things Your Auto Insurer Won't Tell You

When your car has been totaled in an accident, your insurance company's job is to spend as little as possible on your claim. That means that unless you know what you're owed, you may take a small settlement and just go on your way, when you could have been reimbursed for much more-and should be.

How do I Make a Counter Offer to my Insurance Claim?

After an accident, the insurance company is going to do everything it can to get you to settle and settle quickly. By putting on the pressure, you feel like it's best to take their offer and you don't have time to research your options, including what an injury like yours may cost over time.

Can My Employer Reduce Hours to Avoid Paying for Healthcare?

When the Affordable Care Act first became law, stories hit the news of employers cutting hours to reduce their responsibility for healthcare. There was so much talk of it, that Congress actually considered amending the law to make the threshold for full-time work 40 hours instead of 30, but didn't. Can employers really do this, and is it legal?

Can My Employer Cut Health Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act?

With the new and state-run healthcare exchanges up and running, many people are worried that their employers will get rid of health coverage as a part of employment benefits. Rising healthcare costs in recent years led to employers cutting back on coverage and benefits well before the Affordable Care Act.

How Does Worker's Compensation Affect Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Your Employer?

Worker's compensation is insurance purchased by a company to cover its employees in the event that the employee is injured at work. Worker's compensation allows an employee injured at work to get paid no matter who was at fault. This is great for employers because it makes it harder for an employee to sue. But, even with worker's compensation, an employee might be able to sue the employer for damages.