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January 2016 Archives

Will a Dash Cam Help You in a Car Accident?

You may have seen those video montages of the crazy things drivers have captured on their dash cams-dramatic accidents, near misses, police chases and other scary driving. But what about real-world applications? Can dash cams actually help you prove your side if you get into an accident?

5 Tips for Amending a Police Report

There are many reasons a police report could be inaccurate. The officer could have written something down wrong, such as a hard-to-spell name or transposed a number. Or he or she may have gotten some important details wrong, such as inaccurate information from a passenger of the other vehicle.

5 Ways Your Employer Might be Breaking the Law

When you work for a small business, often HR falls under the duties of the business owner. Since these individuals are juggling so much responsibility, some things may be mishandled or overlooked. But it's up to you to stand up for your rights as an employee. Those rights include being correctly classified under federal workplace laws, receiving vacation time that you have earned, and being free from discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

My Car was Totaled, But I Still Owe Money

An insurance company's definition of "total loss" is different than the average driver's. When you think of a car that's been totaled, you probably think of something crushed beyond recognition. However, a car that's been in a simple fender-bender can be considered a total loss depending on the age of the car and how expensive it is to repair. This can be frustrating if you still owe money on your vehicle.