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October 2015 Archives

Should I be Getting College Credit or a Paycheck?

It's back-to-school season, which means many college students are searching for internships to meet their school's requirements for graduation-especially if they are close to graduation. And many companies are searching for interns, too. After all, it means that they get extra labor for free, right? Not so fast.

Should my Meal Breaks be Paid?

The work lunch-it's good and bad. The bad is that you're spending yet more time with coworkers. The good is that you get paid-or do you? There's no federal law mandating that employees be paid for meals or breaks. So what should you expect?

What Can I do if I'm the Victim of a Hit-and-run in an Area with Video Surveillance?

Hit-and-run accidents are infuriating. It's not fair to the victim, and it's illegal to leave the scene of an accident-any accident, no matter how minor. You may certainly pull your vehicles out of the way of traffic if no one is gravely injured and the vehicles are running, and you should in the case of a minor accident. But you need to stick around until both parties have documented the accident and are satisfied that they have the information they need before leaving.

What is my Boss Allowed to Track on my Computer?

Whether they are Facebook, personal email, catching up on their favorite shows on Hulu or Amazon, or even playing video games, many people have made an art form out of multitasking. Some workplaces have banned access to certain sites in order to keep employees on task. Others monitor your computer in one way or another. But how much is your boss allowed to track? What can get you in trouble?

What Should I do if I Think a Coworker Might Become Violent?

Workplace violence is a very real problem-around 2 million workers are the victims of workplace violence every year. And because it's legal in most states to bring a firearm to work as long as you keep it in your car, guns are easily accessible to most employees.

Can I Claim Worker's Compensation for an Accident on the Way to Work?

When you get injured on the job, worker's compensation covers your medical bills and lost wages. While worker's compensation seems more important for those who work jobs that involve physical labor, office workers can also get injured, especially when traveling in the car. So what happens when you get into a car accident on the way to work?